Un recuerdo

A memory for life

A  memory  is  something  that  helps  us  to  remember  something  or  someone. Etymologically speaking,  the word  memory  derives  from  Latin “memoria” and its significance is the ability to remember impressions, facts, people…

In our lives there are very special days that we will always remember with a big smile: the birth of a child, a birthday party, our wedding, a great event of our company, bachelorette our best friend … moments full of emotions and all of them are those that make up our minds and are always present in our hearts.

Save me a memory

Surely many of you have at home little souvenirs of important dates in your life, special sites you have visited, places that have a special meaning for you … This is because we need to have some palpable thing to revive our best memories during the year and even for our lives. Photographs are a good example of memories. Although years go on, when we open our memories trunk full of images it seems that we go back years ago and we relive that moment that excited us so much.

Thanks to the digitalization of images, now we no longer have to wait long and lasting photographic development processes, and we can have images instantly on our computer or mobile device. We all like to capture that special moment, the essence of the second, and always carry over a camera or our phone to immortalize the moment.

Many of us like to capture the moments that move us in a different and fun way: we walk along the beach promenade and we want a portrait or a caricature by a street artist, we get into a photo booth to immortalize the time and the memory remains stored in our mind, we take selfies with our loved ones … we seek the essence of the moment. The photo booth is another tool we have to capture moments in a funny and different way. Have you tried this experience?

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