Do you know the origin of the photo booth?

It’s not necessary to go back many years to know the origin of the photo booth. It was in New York in 1924 when the American of Russian origin Anatol Marco Josepho devised the first snapshot booth where people came in and took their printed photographs. This photo booth performed 8 photos at the minute 8 for 25 cents. However, the origin of the photo booth, specifically of its name, is due to the French company Photomaton, who bought these photo booths and exploded them after seeing their immediate success. Over time, the brand Photomaton became the common name used to describe this type of photo booths.

At the beginning, photo booths were installed at bus and train stations, shopping centers and public buildings. In fact, although we can be surprised, you can still find some of these photo booths in public spaces.

The first models were equipped with flashes that activated at regular intervals when inserting coins. The first pictures were made in black and white, and it was not until 1970 that the colour arrived.

Today, technological advances have made this phenomenon to adapt new times and needs. We now have open photo booths, easy to carry, customizable, photo booths that let you see a sequence of photos, print at the same moment … and the digital era has managed to get the picture taken at that moment sent to social networks or email immediately.

Who has not stood in front of a photo booth?

Surely you or someone close to you has told you that in the last wedding attended, the party of his best friend, or a business conference, he has posed at a photo booth. Now the trend in events is to rent a photo booth to immortalize those most important moments of our lives. The photo booth has allowed, allows, and will allow you to have a tangible memory through photographs!

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