ferias y congresos empresariales

Fairs and business congresses

Fairs and business congresses are the ideal store window for a company or organization to display their products and/or services, communicate their brand message and show their news. It is the perfect place to do networking, catch customers and get a good position in the market place.

We are in front of a great opportunity to meet our partners and at the same time our competitors. It is a good place to establish links, meet current business trends and analyze what similar companies do. Attend fairs and business congresses bring us closer to our customers and with the personal contact we can discover their preferences, tastes, curiosities, necessities…

In a fair, we compete with thousands of exhibitors and we have to find a way to stand out from the others, whether they are our direct competition stands or give another type of service. But… how do we differentiate from the rest?

Participation, an essential element to stand out in fairs and business congresses

Encourage audience participation and look for their involvement “in situ” are two of the key factors to differentiate ourselves from other stands at the fair. Offer a bonus to our visitors and communicate in advance will help us to get more attendance.

A good way is to put a photo booth to call the attention of the audience. We all like to take photos that capture that unique moment that we are living. Providing the public who attend the fair the possibility to take a souvenir is a noted point that he will surely keep in mind.  In addition, the company or organization also wins: the name of the company that has hired the photo booth will be permanently reflected in the print image, which helps to promote the brand and contributes to keep the name in case that visitors need their services or products.

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