Original photos for your holiday album

Summer is time of reencounters, joys and emotions. It’s a time in which we commit most afternoons, evenings and weekends to be with people we love. Pictures go up and down because we want to immortalize the moments that we are all together enjoying a good time.

Boys and girls return home from their Erasmus during the school year, friends who work abroad use holidays to visit us, family that we cannot see as often as we’d like move home… and others encounters that make snacks, dinners, parties and celebrations our everyday life in July and August. In summer, we want to spend lots of time with our family and friends that during the year they may not be at our side.

The photographs albums, the essentials every summer

Surely many of you use holidays to make those photo albums that we like to see when we return to the routine in September. Handy people do creative and personal albums; technological people search the program that allows them to work wonders with their photos; and sentimental people prefer to capture images that show affections we live in the reencounters.

But… how can we fill our album with original and spontaneous images and with a different touch? Adding a photobooth in one of these celebrations is a good choice to obtain a funny photo that captures the essence of the moment: a big smile, a hug full of feeling, a long kiss, tears of joy… You only need to stand in front of the camera and be as you are: the photobooth will be the responsible to immortalize that moment with show affections.

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