The boom of theme parties

Summer is the time of the year when we can spend more times with our friends. Theme parties are always a good proposal to guarantee fun and have a good time together in an original and funny way.

There are different types of theme parties: Hawaiian, Ibizan, American, English, hippie, Mexican, gangster, naval, pirate, Hollywood, children’s characters, movies or TV shows characters… You only need to let your imagination run free and choose the party you like!

As with all parties, decoration and food are two essential elements and in a theme party they are those to give a special touch. If you want your party to be 100% unique and adjusted to reality, the environment has to be concordant to the party, like food and drinks that you serve to your guests. And do not forget the music! It will be your great ally.

Theme parties, the more dinamic the best

Within this environment, it is important to consider the relationships among the guests. Board games, competitions with mimics or guessing movies with teams, telling fantastic stories or clues game are some to assure laughter.

A good idea to encourage participation is to put a photo booth in your party and also integrate it with customization. All guests will stand in front of the camera to immortalize moments of interpretation of the character they have chosen for the event. They can also take the picture and you’ll have a compilation of the most fun and original photos taken. And a few days later, when you meet again, you’ll be able to remember all together, with the images, the good time you spent on the theme party.

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