The photographs remember our memory

The word photograph comes from the Greek photos (light) and graphe (writing) and means “drawing with light”. It is consider the technique for obtaining and saving images permanently.

Today, everybody have a photographic device that get with us when we go to excursion, travelling, when we have a celebration with family or friends, when we want to find new sites and record them… We talk about photographic device because nowadays cameras are not the only gadget to take pictures and capture the moment, there are mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, which allow us to take photographs. Even, with the technological advances, we can share our images to the Internet and people can comment or share them instantly.

“The memory does not keep films, keeps photographs”

With this sentence, the Czech writer Milan Kundera show us the importance of photographs in our memory: our memory keep images and retain moments that for some reason or another want to keep present.

And, in case the memory makes us a bad game, everybody like to keep in a physical space, whether on paper or in digital format, the moments that we lived and now become memories that give us feelings, emotions… In addition, they help us to think about the passing of time.

It seems easy to decide what we want to remember from the photographs: if we capture with a camera moments that take us a big smile and cause us joy, we will keep them in our memory and we can remember them when we look at images. Photographs allow us to bring back a piece of our history that has become a precious memory.

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