Wedding, parties and celebrations for everyone

With the arrival of the good weather, it also begins the season of wedding, silver anniversaries, gold anniversaries, baptisms, communions and a series of parties and celebrations that year after year take place in our country.

The major players of these celebrations want the chosen day to be perfect, that everything goes as planned, everyone to be happy and feel comfortable and, if possible, stand out from other parties creating an original and funny event that captures the attention of the guests all the time.

A participatory party

Every day, more and more couples who organize their wedding, teenagers who do their communions, and parents who organize the baptism of their child … want their celebration to be the most participatory as possible and that the guests feel they are part of the party contributing.

The photo booth is a good tool to use in your celebrations so that guests can leave a trace on the event and they can also take a souvenir home. Flash Flash Fotomatón is equipped with various materials of fun props so all guests can take out the child inside them and their side more comical, happy and fun: masks of superheroes, giant glasses, wigs, costumes and all kinds of accessories to choose and tailor your event.

It is to say that the photo booth gives you two copies of each photo! One for guests and one for the hosts of the party, so everyone can take a good memory of the day with them. And if you are daring, the photo booth also allows you to record a video once the photograph is taken, so guests can further customize the message they want to convey to the hosts of the party.

Do not hesitate and put a photo booth in your life!

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